Tuesday, 23 September 2014

ECB launches new 10-euro banknote

ECB launches new 10-euro banknote

ECB launches new 10-euro banknote
FRANKFURT: The European Central Bank announced that the new 10-euro banknote will start circulating from Tuesday.
The ECB is bit by bit staging in new banknotes to supplant those available for use since the euro turned into a physical money in January 2002. It began with new five-euro banknotes in May 2013 and new 10-euro notes are constantly presented from September 23. 
To check the dispatch, the ECB transferred open data ads in 23 separate dialects on the Youtube stage furthermore a display of photographs on the social networking site Flickr. What's more, the ECB utilized its record on the micro-blogging Twitter webpage, offering devotees an opportunity to win an ipad by posting a "selfie" with another 10-euro note. Like the new five-euro note, the new 10-euro note has improved security characteristics. Its 3d image and watermark incorporate a representation of Europa, a figure from Greek mythology. It likewise has an "emerald number", which when tilted progressions color from emerald green to profound blue. The 10-euro banknotes of the first arrangement will keep on being issued to use up stocks. They will course close by the Europa arrangement 10-euro notes before being eliminated later on and in the end stopping to be lawful delicate.


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