Saturday, 25 January 2014

requist to priminster bobusir

requist to priminster bobusir

Babu sir damage high way

Priminster should  take notice about Babosir High ways condition. every year Abdul Wahid high way disturber by flood but no any honourale leader tack interest. F.W.O does not tack any positive stepsons need action on high level for all we there highway. during babosir highway used rod materiel's always this road distruube by flood or lamed sliding. F.W.O did not think second option. it is requests priminster should tack great interest tower this situation. babusir high way is the high way for visitors. but it is sedneed that there is no safety for visitor. from 2de point to it is 3km old 1.3 trillion amount is merited to make rood and wahls over it will be demager  by dame and flood. priminster should tack positive imvertigation on high level authority about warting the amant. it is need the high way should  be all weather. so that (GB)  is the peace full and businer place of Pakistan the inhibetants fought for freedom by thank full.       


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