Friday, 24 January 2014

Khalti lack ghizer

Khalti lack  of Ghizer
khali lack ghizer
Hurrah Ghizer valley is the fully enjoins valley of the  (Gb)
famous named khalti is the famous about many ways. as are know that khalti lack is the lack for fishing are well as in winter it is the play Ground of ice for children many of Games are going to play. on this ice ground. it is need to malice safety far visitors to visite the place. valley khalti is (118Km) far from gilgit. snow cap hill and mountain increas the beauty of the winter weather freeze and makes a ice ground. there in Gupis region there is no any play ground. we know the Games are the favorite of children. so they play games in winter on nature play ground. this play ground is not made of Govt, it is God is need that there shawl be arrangements of games compilations  local government should provide facilitation to the visitors.            (thank)


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